Friday, October 29, 2010

And We're Back!

Hello Internet world. It's been a while.

I first started this blog when I was a Junior at UNC Chapel Hill, but eventually gave up becuase, well, there's not much to say when you're in college. In fact, I can summarize: OMGEXAMSPARTIES.

Now, I am a graduate with a BA in Communications thrown into the chaos of the real world. It's always been my dream to come to NYC and so here I am. I'm rooming with two other lovely tar heels in Brooklyn, my room is a little bigger than my body, and living above a night club that hosts karaoke every week is both a boost for my self-esteem and also a very effective sleeping soundtrack.

So what is Amanda doing in the big apple? Good question. I'm currently interning in midtown, but I'm searching for something a little bit more up my ally-- whatever that means. If it helps, I'm left-handed. You're right. That doesn't help.

What I mean is that I do consider myself creative and visual. I mean, come on, I got the "Most Artistic" senior superlative at South Mecklenburg High School for crying out loud! Can you say resume builder?! All inappropriate sarcasm aside, I do love all things art. I've been painting and drawing (you know, the manual version of digital design-- remember?) since I was a kid and now my artistry has manifested into fashion, film, and media.

I hope this blog will not only serve as a way for me to express my ideas and thoughts, but a way to connect to other wandering college grads. I've had a pretty hard time finding where I belong in a city full of people and I think this blog would not only be therapeutic to myself, but maybe helpful to others. I titled my blog "Words into a Paper Cup" as an homage to The Beatles' song "Across the Universe." Apart from the fact that I am a HUGE Beatles fan, it has a lot of meaning. In such a big, bad universe, we should all find our centers and let go of the frustration and sadness. "Nothings going to change my world."

So welcome and feel free to post your own thoughts and ideas. I'm looking forward to it.


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